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Our Cremation ID Process

At Harder Funeral Home, our goal is to serve the family at every point in the funeral process, to the last detail. This includes cremation. We have a multi-step identification plan that promises the correct cremated remains are returned to the family in a timely fashion.


  • As soon as your loved one is taken into our care, they are given an identification band and any required permits are filled out and included with them.
  • These permits include forms filled out by the next of kin or individual responsible for making funeral arrangements.  Cremation will not take place until these forms are completed.
  • Wisconsin State Law requires cremation approval by the county medical examiner.  This is typically done in-house, however in situations where transport is required, one of our staff will escort the deceased to and from the medical examiner’s office.
  • The same applies when transporting the deceased to the crematory location.  Upon arrival at the crematory, the deceased is given a titanium medallion with an identification number.  This number is recorded in permanent records maintained by the crematory and Harder Funeral Home.  This medallion stays with the deceased through the cremation process and is attached to the cremated remains.
  • A certificate of cremation is provided by the crematory with the deceased’s vital statistics and cremation identification number.  A copy of this certificate is given to the family and maintained by Harder Funeral Home.
  • Please note: Per Wisconsin State Law, cremation cannot take place until 48 hours AFTER the established time of death.

We assure you that during all funeral and cremation services, your loved one will be treated in a respectful and dignified manner. We understand the responsibility that comes with working with families and their loved ones and we are grateful for the trust the families have shown us.

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