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Making Funerals Personal

Each one of us is born with innate loves, virtues and strengths. It is what makes each and every one of us individually unique. Honoring a lost loved one’s life should be as unique as the person themself.


It is easier for funeral homes today to provide uniform and impersonal services. Here at Harder Funeral Home, we’ve never taken the easy road. We have always provided, and will continue to provide, unique and personalized services to honor each of your loved ones in their own unique way. Whether it means serving your grandma’s favorite apple pie recipe, honoring their favorite sports team or planning a memorial golf outing and service at the family golf course, we do all we can to make your ideal funeral service honor a life fully lived.

No matter if you are planning a traditional, cremation or memorial service, Harder Funeral Home is here to guide you. Here are a few ideas of how to create a personal funeral service:

A Memorial Release:

A memorial release is a tribute to your loved one’s spirit leaving its earthly body. From balloons to doves to butterflies you can honor your loved one’s spiritual journey.

Themed Attire:

It's the little things that make us who we are. Wear your loved one’s favorite color or sports team jersey.

Special Music:

Did your loved one have a favorite song or hymn? Do you want a vocalist? Whether you desire a harp, piano, guitars, bagpipes or pre-recorded music to play at your beloved’s service, Harder Funeral Home will make it happen.


We are collectors of photos, trinkets, books, movies, etc. They are more than just objects; they hold memories. Bring your loved one’s photos and special collections to share with everyone their life story.

Personalized Memorial Folders:

Customize memorial folders, programs, prayer cards and more with quotes or photos of your loved one. While these are small details, they hold a lasting impression.

Memorial Video Tribute:

A DVD video of your loved one’s photos is a great way to showcase their life without people waiting in line to view photo boards. Your family may bring a pre-compiled DVD or our team will be happy to help create the video.

Military Honors:

Honor your loved one’s who served their country proudly with military honors. Depending on their branch of service, Harder Funeral Home can offer: color guard, Taps, a gun salute and/or pallbearers. Our contacts with all branches of the armed forces allow us to honor your loved one in the most respectful and dignified manner.

In addition to a Military Honors service, we can apply for an American Flag, Bronze Marker, and Presidential Certificate through the Veterans Administration to mark your loved one’s resting place. Read more about these options on our Veterans’ Benefits Page.

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